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Aurelia measures campaign performance with custom visualizations and charts across multiple platforms, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and AdWords.


Custom charts and pivot tables


Custom tag and persona creation


Tableau integration and CSV download


Overlapping data sets and views

Leverage Your Data

Dive deep into your data to find the message that drives true conversion for your message. When you harness the full power of Aurelia, you create an oracle for your business.

Supported Roles

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Aurelia's Features

Aurelia includes three major sections, all with their own set of powerful features that analyze, build, and organize your data. Work across three main windows, Dashboard, Content View, and Audience View to see the results of your marketing campaign KPI’s intuitively.

Overview of all your campaigns

Dashboard View

A high level view of all your campaigns in a single table. Campaigns sorted row by row. Each row includes data from multiple sources, already aggregated together so you can see it in a single dashboard. Easily customize the table with filters to see your top results

2020-02-14 Main Dashboard - Aurelia
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2020-02-14 Content Dashboard - Aurelia

Deep dive into campaign data

Content View

The Content View dashboard lets you sort your data based on the metrics and filters you need. Sort by timeframe, variable, custom tag, or even by message mood.

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Define your best paid campaigns

Audience View

In Audience View you’re able to see where your ad spend is most effective. Your AdWords and Facebook data are pulled in and you can identify which message is driving your lowest cost per acquisition.

2020-02-14 Audienes Dashboard - Aurelia
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“It’s so easy to see and compare views and view-time, engagement, likes and shares between one video and another.”

SEAN MALONE – Head of Media at FEE

persona creation

Persona Creation

Build customer company personas so you can see how your ads convert with them. Just drag and drop an ad into the created persona and the data dynamically updates.

tag management

Tag Management

Easily create new tags whenever you need them. No limits on the tag creation or type. Add the tags to the metrics and campaigns you want to associate them with and then search them.



Add new users or tags when you need them. Organize and sort all aspects of tags, personas, and users in a single place. Easy drag and drop capability to move you’re variables around.

How do I Get Started with Aurelia?

Aurelia is completely free to use.

Fill out the form on this page by clicking Start Visualizing Your Data or give us a call directly.  One of our reps will walk you through a few account questions with you and then show you how this tool helps you compare your data to create insights cross channel. That’s it!