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Andromeda is all your social campaigns data aggregated into a single source, or data lake. Your vital data is housed and protected in a single location ready for you to easily access and build from it.

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Leverage all data across platforms

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All your data in a single hub

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Access, distribute, and review data

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Safely store and protect all data

Why Was Andromeda Built?

The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) built Andromeda to cut through the difficulty of trying to compare campaign numbers across all social platforms. They wanted an easier way to pull down, store, and comparatively find what message worked with their audience.

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How Does Andromeda Work?


Pull and Collect data down through API calls


Data is collected and stored in a data lake as raw information, JSON, or CSV files


Capable of pulling data into other sources like data visualization on Aurelia, Tableau, syncing with other databases, or plotting directly to Python

What is a Data Lake?

A data lake is an unfiltered flow of data into a single repository at any scale. You can choose to store your data as-is, without any structure, and run it through different programs like analytics or machine-learning applications to help filter and guide decisions.

How do I Get Started?

Andromeda is completely free to use. To start using Andromeda, head to our GitHub page and pull a branch from the repository and start today.

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How does a data lake benefit our organization?

After setting up Andromeda on your servers you can schedule it to consistently pull data from your social channels into the data lake. With data on tap your team can easily access and start, analyzing the data, building tools that help define company direction, and saving the company money.


What do I do with my data now?

As data constantly flows in your team can organize and analyze it with the other half of Jellyfish’s tool suite, Aurelia. Aurelia is data visualization tool for measuring your social insights. Data is pulled from Andromeda via script or CSV upload to Aurelia where you compare two social platforms against one another.