Fulfill your Non-Profit mission by creating better social media videos.

Aggregate and measure all your paid media data across social platforms like YouTube and Facebook into a single, visual front end for your whole team.

Receive a free server initialization for a limited time only.


With Jellyfish you receive your own, FREE server instance to store and build your data cloud

What is Jellyfish?

Jellyfish is a combination of open source, cross channel insights tools that pull your social data into a single data lake where you can easily sort, categorize, and compare metrics of your video data across social platforms.



Data Visualization Tool

Easily view your insights all in one place with a Business Intelligence tool that combines your social data into a single table or chart.

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    Produce a wide array of reports for board meetings and donors

  • gears-clocks-icon

    View the impact of your performance in a single place

  • finger-tap-ico

    Easy to use web–format



Data Lake


Don’t be held hostage by other providers. Own and aggregate your data from organic and paid campaigns in a single place to pull and review as needed

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    Connect to any relational database, including Tableau

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    Pull data from all social platforms into PostgreSQL database

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    Store a lifetime of insights and data across all channels


Customizable Tagging

Provide deeper visibility with concise tagging that lets you sort and identify keywords, campaigns, and playlists

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    Quickly tag videos with descriptive meta data and psycho-graphics

  • message-icon

    Generate predictive models to optimize your messaging

  • people-icon

    Comparative persona analysis to understand message effectiveness



“I love this tool because I can compare our target personas across all channels and see which content performs best with each one in a single dashboard.”

DAVID VEKSLER – Director of Technology at FEE

Sean Headshot Marketer BnW


“As a content creator, this platform helps me see exactly how my videos are performing across every platform they’re on. It’s so easy to see and compare views and view-time, engagement, likes and shares between one video and another or even

Sean Malone, Head of Media


Data Scientist

My hopes and dreams were to have a platform that aggregated content and collected metrics so I could measure the effectiveness and the impact of the content on young people today.

Leisa, Digital Advertising Manager at FEE



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    Leverage a Data Lake of insights to help prepare reports for stakeholders

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    Pull data from social media and ad platforms easily with pluggable services to storage

  • atom-icon

    Use a React-based web interface that provides reporting and tagging features


Media Producer

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    Create rich video content that you know your audience will love

  • computer-graphs-icon

    Visualize and share cross channel insights with your whole team for collaboration

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    Rapidly increase the growth of your follower base and push your Non-Profits message


Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)

Reaching the Millennial audience is key to FEE’s continued growth. Founded in 1946, this non-profit organization has provided economic education for three generations.  To reach Millennials, FEE had to focus on technology to reach an audience with targeted advertising and content.

FEE received a grant which they used to fund the development of a tool which would help them gain greater insights. Internally at FEE, this tool first received the name “Youth Education and Audience Research Analytics platform (YEAR-AP).

They needed a platform that aggregated content and collected metrics to measure the effectiveness and the impact of the content on young people today. These measurements would also be used to fulfill the grant obligations which funded the project.

FEE is now on the road to reaching the Millennial audience through improved reporting and targeted content.  But the platform has another benefit. FEE can now show key stakeholders that donations are well spent and grant obligations are fulfilled without spending enormous amounts of time gathering data.

The success of this project has moved FEE to open source the tool, bringing life to “Jellyfish”, in the hopes that it helps other nonprofits reach their goals as well.

FEE Social Growth Since 2017


673% YouTube Subscriber Growth

15,000 to 116,000 Subscribers


1,200% YouTube Subscriber Growth

526,000 to 7,000,000 Views

Member No Icon 001

1,800% Social Follower Growth

5,000 to 284,000 Followers

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the difference between this and Google Analytics?

Jellyfish is the ultimate, cross channel comparison tool. When you build a piece of content you can’t see how well it does across all the channels in a single dashboard. Jelly Fish lets you see across these platforms, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Google, to see how your message resonates with each audience type.

How do I learn to use Jellyfish?

We’ve built an easy to use, no hassle user interface that allows for drag and drop functionality of your metrics and dashboard needs. Simply pick the data you want and we do the rest.

To help you get started with the tool we provide free walk throughs, and you always have
access to our knowledgebase of video tutorials.

Why do I need another insights tool?

Jellyfish goes beyond your basic insights and gives you a deep understanding of why a piece of content works.  You are able to compare two sets of metrics across multiple platforms at the same time.  No other tool on the market does that right now.

Is Jellyfish really free? What are the hidden costs?

Jellyfish is 100% free to use and open source with no needed license to use or adapt.  If you would like to participate in the project then you can review and add to our GitHub project.

To help you get started we provide a free initialization and help you set up an instance.  As with any hosted application you will need to pay the service fee each month for that.  This is independent of us and will be provided by a third party like Amazon or Azure.

How do I start comparing our insights for change?

Fill out the form on this page or give us a call directly. One or our reps will walk you through a few account questions with you and then show you how this tool helps you compare your data to create insights cross channel. That’s it!

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“The new platform is a huge time saver, it aggregates the data for me so I don’t have to manually add up the numbers anymore.”

Leisa, Digital Advertising Manager at FEE